Thursday, August 03, 2006


Check out San Francisco's Hey Willpower's inspiration behind forming the band:
"hey willpower" was conceived one night in july on 3rd street in san francisco when amy linton and i were at a tussle show and i was still smoking. we were talking about our love for r&b pop/hip hop and how she had lived in the same building in harlem as Sean Paul the summer before and our favorite songs on kmel. i gave her a ride home and the Busta/Mariah song "i know what you want" came on and we just listened in awe. as if she was reading my mind, she said we should get together and make a song using all the elements of pop that we've ever loved.
The ringleader of this bunch is Will Schwarz of Imperial Teen, who took time from that project to create something fueld by pop, R&B, hip-hop and Janet & Michael Jackson.
Since then, they've toured with the Scissor Sisters and Le Tigre. His song "Hundredaire" is being released as a 7" on I think Tomlab, with a Copy remix on the flipside. Also, on his MySpace he has up a re-recorded "duet" with Annie. Yes, that Annie!

Hey Willpower-Hundredaire
Annie (ft. Hey Willpower)-Chewing Gum

Check out the awesome video for his song "Double Fantasy II" (Quicktime)
Buy Hey Willpower's EP from Midheaven Mailorder.

If you're in Portland and Olympia, you've both got a chance to catch them play this weekend.
8/4 (tonight) Portland, OR @ Holocene w/ Do 'n Dudes (CD release) and the Snuggle-Ups
8/5 Homo-A-Go-Go Festival


max said...

yes, way to pimp they bay area, i love hey willpower, so many house party memories and long nights of great music!
i need to hear this annie duet..ha, annie!

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