Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Longer, Blonder

Wait what, you love the Long Blondes? Me too! Totally disappointed they didn't come to your town? Me too! Bummed nobody noticed the two dates they did play because it was Lollapaloozer weekend? Yeah, yo tambien.

Maybe this'll soften the pain: a bunch of demos I stumbled upon that I'd never heard before and thought you'd love too.
Here's to hoping they stay a bit longer in the US next time.
A Knife for the Girls
Madame Ray
Only Lovers Left Alive
You Could Have Both
Picture of You

Separated By Motorways (What's Your Rupture Mix)

Also, the band is heading on their first headlining tour in the UK in October:
01 - Norwich Arts Centre
02 - Stoke Sugarmill
04 - Manchester Academy 3
05 - Leeds Cockpit
07 - Newcastle Northumbria University
09 - Aberdeen Lemon Tree
10 - Glasgow Oran Mor
11 - Belfast Speakeasy
12 - Dublin Crawdaddy
13 - Liverpool University Stanley Theatre
15 - Oxford Zodiac
16 - Nottingham Rescue Rooms
17 - London Mean Fiddler
18 - Cambridge Junction
22 - Cardiff University CF10
23 - Bristol Thelka
26 - Brighton Concorde 2
27 - Southampton Joiners
28 - Birmingham Carling Academy 2
29 - Sheffield University Foundry


max said...

ah, thanks for the demos, can't wait to listen to them. The long blondes are a great band, wish they had some more stuff out..all i have is the four track 12", still it's great stuff!

James said...

Totally disappointed they didn't come to your town?

LIKE YOU CAN'T IMAGINE. It's like I moved to Los Angeles for nothing.

oh, and the worst part is that one of my friends is seeing them at the Reading Festival in like a week. Yeah, I bet I'll be hearing the end of THAT one real soon. Oh well, thanks for the demos - they really can't put an album out quick enough to suit me.

J Frank Parnell said...

Thanks for putting these up - I've seen them bouncing around, never able to nail them down.

I was lucky enough to catch them in NYC a month or so ago, and they didn't disappoint - they were phenomenal, actual, much sexier than on vid, and lead singer (what's her nameagain?) had a much more powerful voice than I'd imagined - and they/she seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, rather than try to be supercool. Which is always nice to see.

Anonymous said...

awesome! I didn't hear ANYTHING about their shows and was wondering if they had trouble with their visas or something. glad you guys like the demos!

max you should think about buying their "weekend without make up" 7"s I bought em off rough trade and prices weren't too bad.