Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Nightlife Air Force

Two blurbs about a couple newish releases on Kill Rock Stars/5RC. Erase Errata's been around for quite awhile now, and their new CD Nightlife doesn't show signs of wear or stopping. In particular I love the jittery guitars, anxious vocals and steady drumbeats that carry throughout the entire album. Check it out!

Erase Errata-Tax Dollar
Buy Nightlife.

I don't have to tell you all about Xiu Xiu. Their new album The Air Force harkens back to the Fabulous Muscles era, with more songs that are easily liked by those who don't see themselves as Xiu Xiu fans, and more of a pop sound. Bells and bird sounds are also new, well-loved additions t the album.

Xiu Xiu-Boy Soprano
The Air Force is released September 12. Pre-order it from Insound.

Also, David Horvitz is doing a project where, if you bring Polaroid 600 film to him at the Xiu Xiu merch table on their upcoming tour, you'll receive photos of Xiu Xiu behind the scenes/on the road antics. Here are the details.


jenny said...

Alas, no. It was from Mamma Mia. I saw that, and Lion King and Wicked. No color purple though. HOWS IT GOING COPF!

BWH999 said...

I'm seeing Xiu Xiu at the Echo, and will be bringing a box of film. Thanks for the tip.

cindy hotpoint said...

OMG, I so need to not to forget to take them some film!!

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen their latest videos? The videogame one is so good.