Tuesday, August 08, 2006

New Releases

Here's a few new releases you might wanna check out today. Kinda bleak..I went to the local Hasting's (we have craaaap here to choose from) and saw a few things that might interest some people. Maybe if you haven't already downloaded them (or even if you have) you should go buy a CD or something.

I already talked up Matt Friedberger's double-album Winter Women / Holy Ghost Language School but I'm gonna do it again. It's a heavy album, saturated with electro-weirdness that I've come to expect from the Fiery Furnaces. The Moogy guitar solos are all here, keyboard trickery around every corner. Winter Women is an easier to get album, but Holy Ghost Language School's story has me captivated.

Pennsylvania Rock Oil Company Resignation Letter

Do You Like Blondes?

You've already been told to like Jim Noir based on the fact that 80 bloggers got their promo CDs on the same day and had to write about it the next. The crappy artwork (I think it's the font) had staved me off from listening to the CD for awhile. Once you get past that, Noir copies the Kinks in fine style and provides a World Cup soundtrack ("Eanie Meany") too. I think 13 tracks was too much for this one CD. Just not too much interesting content here I'm sorry to say.

Jim Noir-Key of C

And finally, Ani DiFranco's 18th studio album Reprieve is well worth checking out. She's been going strong forever now it seems, and she doesn't wanna stop yet. If you're a longtime fan or even a new one, I definitely recommend checking this out. I saw her in an interview at SXSW a couple years ago and fell in love with her charming personality and fresh look on music.

Ani Difranco-Hypnotized (Live in Rome 11/15/04)

Also: Check out this website that makes any website a Microsoft Word document. You know...just because...


cindy hotpoint said...

Those are pretty much my complaints, too, about the Jim Noir. Crappy art, lots of filler, two-three tolerable songs.

Anonymous said...

Good to see I'm not the only one then...

brian said...

Make that three of us. It's funny how something like that (the artwork - that font) affects me, I'm not sure it should.

gadfan99 said...


You should check out the new Gatsby's American Dream self-titled album that just hit stores this Tuesday, August 8th!


Anonymous said...

Those are usuallyBuy Runescape Money virtually my complaints, far too, with regards to the Rick Noir. Low quality art work, lots of filler, two-threeBuy Diablo 3 gold tolerable tunes.