Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Final Tour Update

my pic from a show in San Fran 14 jan 2006

Last night's Sleater-Kinney show at the 9:30 club in Washington DC was rudely interrupted by an overheated transformer. The Fire Marshall shut down the show in-between the Rogers Sisters' set and set up for S-K.

from the 9:30 club message board mod:

" The schedules have matched and we are going to reschedule for Thursday. Doors at 7:30, S-K at 9:00. We will post instructions here tomorrow morning about getting into the show on Thursday. As to the logistics which led to tonight's cancellation: Yes, there were fire and law enforcement at the club (during the openers set) shortly after Josh noticed acrid smelling smoke billowing out of one of the grates in front of the club. As soon as Pepco and the Fire Department ascertained that it wasn't an errant cigarette burning some trash but was rather a transformer in an increasing state of instability, the show was cancelled. It wasn't a decision we made really, it was an order from the Fire Department. Thanks to everyone for evacuating in such an orderly (by and large) fashion. Our apologies for not having all of the answers while the incident was in progress but our priorities were elsewhere. We will have all our ducks lined up in the morning. We will not be relying on Pepco for our power on Thursday. "

The transformer was probably overworked because of the heat wave that hit the east. NPR even had a set up to tape/air this DC show. Hopefully, they will be doing the same Thursday.

Let's hope things go better for the rest of the tour

07.31 Philly was unseasonably hot.
08.01 DC was cancelled (overheated transformer)
08.02 New York is going to be a scorcher as well
08.03 Rescheduled DC date
08.04 Chicago will be a short/festival Lollapalooza set
(link is to a live broadcast 7:30-8:30pm)
08.11 Portland show #1
08.12 Portland show #2

Michael and I will be at the PDX shows. If you're going, give us a shout/hold us a place in line. Ha.


garrett said...

Yo, Shout, but I think you're on your own about that place in line.

Anonymous said...

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