Wednesday, November 02, 2005

White Rose Movement

Last Sound of Summer posted a song by White Rose Movement called "Girls at the Back" that got my interest going about the band. I'd only heard that their single "Love is a Number" was produced by Paul Epworth. They appear to be making waves in the British music scene, their new single "Alsatian" is getting a lot of airtime and it's been NME's single of the week. Question is, do we believe the hype?
Well, since I've only heard a couple songs, I can't really say what they're like so much. They seem to be a sort of DFA1979 for the dancefloor. Which is great, because I love DFA1979 (and the remixes that will make up Romance Bloody Romance) so White Rose Movement seems like just what I need.

(both tracks via Protein Feed)

Watch the video for "Love is a Number."


jesse said...

hey michael
if you want the dfa1979 remix album before nov 22nd you should try to order it from canada. i got my copy at hmv over a week ago.

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