Monday, November 14, 2005


I'm sort've at myself for not having written about Laura Veirs much before. Her newest album Year of the Meteors has gotten a lot of love from a lot of people and for a lot of reasons. The album is very chill, calm-down music. To be honest her voice reminds me of Emily Haines (of Metric and Broken Social Scene) to a lot calmer, less freak-out music. It's a really beautiful album. She's going on tour with Colin Meloy of the Decemberists (I did mention that) and Kill Rock Stars is releasing the album on vinyl sometime next year. Exciting!

Dodge has another song, "Magnetized" for downloading purposes.

Also, be sure to check out To Die By Your Side, a great new blog. His latest post has some great covers.

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coxon le woof said...

Hi there!

Thanks for the link add and for the kind comments.

Love that Jarvis Cocker song. Have you heard the other one? I think it's called something like 'This is the night'. It's a bit more like his Relaxed Muscle band. Very cool.