Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blues Are Still Blue

So yesterday I posted a Peel session track version of Belle and Sebastian's new single from their new album. Well someone posted in the comments that the song "Another Sunny Day" is up on Matador's site. So it is! And I'll also have another new song for you too later.

Another Sunny Day

EDIT: I was gonna up the other song on my site for you all but it appears my SiteSled account has been deleted. That's always good. If you know some hosting service that's cheap and has more than 1GB bandwidth a day, I'd like to know.


Reid said...

LOVE that cover. Their best ever. The new stuff that I've heard is all nice and well-crafted, but they're treading water a little bit from DCW. I'm sure the songs will still shine through, but I was hoping that "Stay Loose" would forecast a more experimental album.

Kristi Joy said...

Somebody posted a link to the whole album in the comments for my last post, if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

reid-I agree on the cover. I think it's awesome. I'm glad someone on Matador has a good cover (I'm not too crazy 'bout the Cat Power cover)

Tat-thanks, I already got it. keep up the good work on your blog.

Matt said...

hey, i'd recommend www.ezarchive.com for hosting.
its not free, but its a good deal.
$5.95 for a whole year, unlimited bandwidth and 100mb of space. thats what i use and its worked great.

check it out if youd like

Chris said...

matt is correct, ezarchive.com is really great. you can't beat unlimited bandwidth for 6 bucks.

Anonymous said...

sweet. sounds like a great deal.