Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Best

It seems a lot of people are prepping and presenting their end of the year lists. By looking at the title of this post it may seem I'm following their example. I'm not. Tomorrow's Thanksgiving and I'm not going home to celebrate with my family unlike everyone else I know. So I'm presenting my top song not to mope around campus to. Meaning, these songs should hopefully keep me upbeat to some extent. Hopefully it'll work.

Acid House Kings-Do What You Wanna Do
The Pipettes-Dirty Mind
The Go! Team-Huddle Formation
Architecture in Helsinki-It'5!

If you ever feel the onset of not-good feelings, just pop in to Learning to Love You More which should cure it to some extent.
Also, this Bobby Birdman video is amazing. Can't get enough of that song. I will post it for the 2,497,325th time.
I Will Come Again

(I signed up for SiteSled for hosting, we'll see how it goes. I'm not sure how much bandwidth I get so this could be interesting.)

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Eric said...

I love that Go Team song. Gracias. Happy Turkey day.