Thursday, November 17, 2005


Alright so my mp3 player broke. It didn't really break, more like it ran out of batteries. No triple A's to be had. So my walkman was brought out of hiding. Went to the thrift store yesterday and found a few tapes to play in my walkman, including The Smiths' Louder Than Bombs, Bjork's Telegram, and New Order's Substance. The last one is a really great album and while walking around campus I never really feature any older music. I guess it's because I assume most of you to have a background in older music, but I'm sure there are some who aren't, and for everyone else it's a good reminder. Plus there's a cover.

Joy Division-Ceremony
Xiu Xiu-Ceremony (follow link)

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Ian Curtis Wishlist

Sorry for all the updates yesterday. Felt like I had to compensate for my slacking this week. This'll probably be the only post today cuz I have to go to work blah blah I'm boring you're not listening blah blah.


Eric said...

I was thinking about posting a Joy Division song. You've officially inspired me to do so. I'll link up to you in the next day or two. Ya post a lotta good stuff.

Anonymous said...

i've been looking for this song forever...keen.

Shakeer said...

that's not Joy Division, that's New Order. only one Joy Division recording of that song exists and it's a live one released on Still.