Friday, November 11, 2005

New New Dirty Projectors Video

The next installment in the Dirty Projectors' on-going "glitch opera" epic The Getty Address, the seventh chapter, is now viewable! Like the other two videos I've posted, this one is visually appealing and amazing. This one has a lot more animation but is still amazing.

If you haven't been checking them out (shame on you), here are the past two videos, here and here.

Catch the new one for the song "Ponds and Puddles" right here.
Buy the album from Western Vinyl.


James Sumner said...

Hey man-
This is James (Vs. Anna shaman). Just thought you might want a good link for this image:

Really stoked you're into the vids. I'm selling a DVDR via PayPal now if you or your visitors are interested.

Take care,


James Sumner said...

oop: i meant to leave you this:

and a heap of new videos are online.