Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Butter Battle

Strange enough as it may seem, guitaritst Jens Langsjoen has an entire song whose lyrics are the text from the Dr. Seuss book The Butter Battle, all about two opposing towns who butter their bread on opposite sides. My friend is Jens's cousin, and he sent me these songs to put on here. The guitar work is beautiful and the lyrics are slightly off-kilter but still thoughtful.
"The Butter Battle" is simply guitar and a bit of tribal-sounding drums, which is quite fitting considering the subject matter.
Strangely enough, when I tried searching for Jens online, I found an article in which his drawings are featured and he is quoted about dissecting cadavers and misplaced bodies at the University of Texas Medical Department. Strange, but fitting it seems. The other song I got is "Alien With a Boyfriend" which sounds like it should be full of goofy lyrics and synthesizers but is more akin to Jose Gonzalez's guitar work with less fragile vocals.

Butter Battle
Alien With a Boyfriend
I really need to get some webspace, any ideas?


Anonymous said...

hey thanks, that was really cool of you to put those up.

Anonymous said...

hi Michael!
I am flattered to the bone that you put my songs up on your blog! I'm glad you like them.
there is a new full rock band version of the alien song, i'll send that to you whenever i'm done mixing it down, I think you'll find it to be much cooler.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

could you fix the songs on this post, they sound really interesting but they don't seem to be hosted anymore.