Friday, November 11, 2005

¡Forward, Russia!

British post-punkers ¡Forward, Russia! haven't made much of a splash in Blog World but just might soon. With their crazy upside-down exclamation name they seem like perfect fodder. Not a good enough reason for you? Well maybe this description of their music will move you:
"Equal parts At The Drive-In's restless writhing, vintage Sonic Youth's white noise grind and new wave dico riff fireworks"
If that wasn't enough, maybe the fact that their songs are all numbers will pic your interest? perhaps? Well hopefully, because they are worth checking out.



Dany said...

this band is awesome! i wrote about them a few weeks ago on exitfare...

Adam said...

If you want to get another of their tracks, the new single "twelve" then head over to and have a listen.

Excellent band