Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Life in the Machine

I got this e-mail from this amazing band out of Chicago called The Changes. Apparently they're pretty big there, selling out Schuba's and gathering a huge fanbase there for good reason.
The songs I've heard are melodic electronica-tinged perfect pop songs. The Changes could make it big, and probably will. They've opened for the likes of Ted Leo, The Kaiser Chiefs and Stellastarr*. They played at Lollapalooza this year, also.

They're playing in NYC in December, at Rothko on the 15th and the Mercury Lounge on the 17th. Then they'll be headlining Schuba's New Year's Eve.

They have a MySpace.

When I Wake
Her, You, and I
Take Your Medicine has another song, "The Machine."

Buy their EP here.

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craig said...

that's a lot of posts for a wednesday may be a record of some sort, strange thing is that I'd written about two of the bands (Gustav on Swedesplease and The Changes on Songs:Illinois)

I love schubas but it's tiny and pretty easy to sell out, however you're right that these guys are hot...their manager is the guy that books Metro/Double Door so that's a pretty good start