Friday, November 11, 2005


Phones is the remix alias of super-producer Paul Epworth. Most of the bands he remixes are bands that he has done production for. The remixes are some of the best out there. I like them all a lot, and have featured some on here before. I thought it'd be nice to feature some of my favorites for you all.

White Rose Movement-Alastian (Phones Gone to the Dogs Remix)
The Rakes-Retreat (Phones Repeat Mix)
Futureheads-Hounds of Love (Phones' Wolf at the Door Remix)
Bloc Party-Banquet (Phones Disco Edit)
Annie-Heartbeat (Phones Maximo Remix)
Death From Above 1979-Romantic Rights (The Phones Lovers Remix)
Gang of Four-Not Great Men (Phones Extended Remix)

(I've uploaded them all onto Savefile, sorry for the annoyance.)


Anonymous said...

nope, the links don't work. :*(

Anonymous said...

huh. they're working for me...darnit.

Australiandave said...

no worky for me neither.

Eric said...

Great blog! Love the Phones remixes. Thanks.

JAX said...

I have a pretty kick ass wold and cub thousand cuts phones remix you would die for :)

message me ill send it to you


Simon said...

I spent several hours hunting down that Futureheads remix, but it was worth it to find all of this - thank you very much, now I'm going back to read what else you have to say!

m said...

wow thanks for posting these! I saw Paul dj a couple times in NYC (before I knew he produced anything other than Futureheads) and the guy is talented. I am really digging the Alsatian mix lately. better than the original song.