Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Pop Rocks

I usually don't go for local bands. Not usually. When I lived in Texas all around my was a "-core" scene. Put anything in front of "core" and we had it. Mostly "hard" and "grind." When I moved to Utah I figured there would be a copious amount of singer-songwriter confessionals everywhere, on campus, off campus, and anywhere they could play. Well Utah does have them of course.
On Friday I went to a local show with a friend because he knew one of the guys playing, Drew Danburry. Well he played in a pizza shop with four or five other bands. Some were okay and the confessional songwriters were there too. The gem of the night for me, however was this little pop band called Mary Cox and the Pop Rocks. Instruments like a mini keyboard, ukulele, bass and drums all melt together to create infectious cute melodies akin to Dear Nora, Tullycraft, All Girl Summer Fun Band and The Pipettes. They even had a couple little kides dancing up in the front! That had to have been staged.
They have a CD but I didn't buy it from them then, which was a mistake. They do have a MySpace (who doesn't?) with three songs that you can listen to. They're playing again next week so I'm going to buy the CD from them then and share some of the songs with you.