Monday, November 28, 2005

Talk Shop

I just found out about this great band from Austin, TX (there are many) called Clap! Clap! Okay I hope you're not jaded by the whole Clap Your Hands Say Yeah clapping thing because this band is a lot more fun. They make electronic dancefloor-worthy anthems with a generous amount of goofiness. They just might be Austin's answer to U.S.E.
Do you remember that track I posted about last week from the Kanye West covers album? Well they're on it too! See I told you you'd like them. They do a great cover of Kanye's "New Workout Plan." It's slightly hilarious. You can hear it on their MySpace.

They also have an EP entitled Get Naughty that you can download for free off their website! It's really great so definitely check it out.

Talk Shop


Anonymous said...

sound like they're a lot more fun. i saw CYHSY about a month or so ago in LA. Alec looked like he was way too cool for school or any of the fans that came out to see them... very disappointing show.

eda said...