Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tore up ACL

The ACL Festival grid is up!! And the Kaiser Chiefs have been added! Awesome. I think I may try and cover bands I like that are playing ACL (a la Funtime OK and Intonation fest). ACL has a few more people playing, several which I don't know anything about so I think I'll just do ones I like and think will be good. A lot of them are no-brainers maybe not all the ones I like just..some...okay this is pointless I hope you didn't read all of that.

Alright well yesterday I mentioned Voxtrot was getting a 7" released by Magic Marker Records. I don't know how much anyone knows about them so I am going to cover some bands that have been/are on their roster.

I already posted some mp3s of the All Girl Summer Fun Band but it's never bad to post more, is it? They've also released a full-length on K Records but that's another day.

Dreamy You
Girl #3
Car Trouble video (.mov)

Benji Cossa is one weird dude.But he's really good at making his songs available through his blog.
Good Times
Guinea Pigs

Boy Crazy is actually the band of ex-Decemberist Rachel Blumberg (her other band is Norfolk & Western now). They make cute melodies and released one albu, Foreign Words.
Stark Street

Dear Nora is one of Magic Marker's big hitters. They've released a lot on the label but I haven't heard much more than the mp3's they offer.

Since You Went Away
On to September

Other Magic Marker artists/songs:
Kissing Book-Your Melancholy Ways
Plastic Mystery-Before the Fall
The Gazetteers-Bedroom Community
The Owls-Air
Tullycraft-Rumble With the Gang Debs

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