Monday, July 25, 2005

ACL Fest #6

"With [Abby] DeWald on guitar and [Amanda] Barrett on mandolin and dulcimer, the Ditty Bops put a fresh new face on such venerable styles as ragtime, Western swing, ’20s jazz and jug-band music."

So. That's what ACL has to say about the Ditty Bops. I myself haven't heard more than the songs featured on their website. I do know that they did play at SXSW and toured extensively with Tegan and Sara, whom I trust wholeheartedly. If they thought they were good enough to open every night, they ought to be good enough to catch at ACL with during the sweltering heat.
Ohh La La
Moon Over the Freeway (live on Prairie Home Companion)
Where'd All the Horses Go? (live)

Hear more songs on the Ditty Bops Jukebox

The last two mp3's are hosted by the excellent Ditty Bops fansite The Washboard. They have several live and radio performances under their belt.

THE DITTY BOPS will be playing Friday on the AMD Stage from 11:45-12:30.

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Kristi Joy said...

last I heard they were booked to open for Tori Amos this summer (who shunned Minneapolis entirely on both of this year's tours, making me very sad), so they must be good :)