Friday, July 22, 2005

ACL Fest #5

The New Amsterdams get an A in my book. For one, while searching for mp3s for you all to download, their official site boasted of a free 5-song EP for everyone's downloading pleasure! How very thoughtful of them. So here it is in .zip format. I think they're a side project of The Get-Up Kids, whom I've never heard.

The New Amsterdams-Killed or Cured EP

1.Wears So Thin
2. Watch the World Cave In
3. Heaven Sent
4. Drinking in the Afternoon
5. Strangled by the Thought

Plus on top of that EP, they have additional mp3s for downloading! You know there are some bands that only have streaming mp3s on their site or none at all, and then there are bands like New Amsterdams that love putting up free music on their site. Good for them and good for us.

You know I've never really heard them before but from what I've downloaded, I like pretty well. I guess it's a good thing that I'm doing these updates because I'm getting to know bands I already know better, and then I finally look into some bands I've always heard of but never listened to. I hope you're enjoying it too.
Hover Near Fame
Son of a Prophet

Buy music by the New Amsterdams from Insound or Amazon.

THE NEW AMSTERDAMS will play Sunday at 12:00-12:45 on the Heineken Stage.

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