Tuesday, July 26, 2005

ACL Fest #7/Rant

Alright so next in line for these little updates was going to be Rachael Yamagata but it seems like such a short time ago since I had dedicated a whole post to her, so I'm just gonna skip her and leave you the link to that post.

Here, here's that link. RACHAEL YAMAGATA will be playing Sunday on the AMD Stage from 1:45-2:30.

I am very happy about this next artist. What a good band to talk about on my birthday! (Today's my birthday.)

I love Tegan and Sara to pieces. I first heard them a couple years ago a little after their CD If It Was You came out. My sister had known about them and burned their CD This Business of Art for me to get started. Well, I loved it and bought IIWY and became a big fan. I saw them for the first time at SXSW in 2003. I actually drove down to Austin purely to see them and then drive back because it was a school night or something. Anyway...

I wish everyone had a chance to see Tegan and Sara live becauase they're so gosh darn amusing and cute! They are identical twins (in case you didn't know) and therefore have some intuitive ability to think up funny conversations between themselves on stage. I saw them again this year at SXSW except they were supporting 2004's So Jealous, which I believe has 14 great songs (that's the entire album for you softies). Anyway, they are great kids and I hope you like them too (even if Pitchfork doesn't)

Come on Kids
Love Type Thing
(thanks to Alway the Volume for those, they also have many more unreleased songs)
I Know I Know I Know
Speak Slow
I Hear Noises
In Your Room

TEGAN AND SARA will play Saturday on the AMD Stage from 11:45-12:30.

EDIT: If you aren't satisfied with my ACL previews or would just like another angle on the artists, be sure to check out Out the Other, a fellow blogger (typepadder?) who is already up into the forties on her ACL previews! Wow! And she isn't being picky about all the bands playing ACL; she's doing previews for every single band! Crazy and awesome. Check it out.

Also: I may not be posting again today and most definitely will not be posting any pictures from the show last night. You know, I wish I had checked Hailey's website to see that the headlining band Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice had pulled out of the show BEFORE I paid to get in the door.
After paying, we find out that Castanets has been pushed into the headlining spot and two other local bands have been added to the night's performances. I wasn't a very happy concertgoer then. I was very disappointed and thought Castanets was a very iffy performer. Not a fun way to start your birthday. Ah well.

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