Thursday, July 21, 2005

ACL Fest #4

I like Dios Malos, and not in that they-toured-with-the-Fiery-Furnaces-and-if-the-Fiery-Furnaces-like-them-I-should-like-them sort of way. Nuh uh man that's not how it works around here. Okay some of the times but not in this case!!

Babelfish tells me that Dios Malos is Portuegeuse for Malos Dios or is Spanish for God Bad. They were first Just Dios but the legal powers that be made em go bad. Anyway. These kids are smarmy enough to be a band that "Don't Do Pictures" (see bottom of above "photo" which turns out to be a scanned piece of notebook paper)

Okay I've never heard of Dios Malos before this. Once I got a flyer to go to one of their shows and it was a car with hydraulics so I thought maybe they were Spanish rap. Apparently everyone says they are beach boys but see for yourself huh? Don't be listenin' to what everyone else says because that's what I'm sayin'. I also read that they were on an O.C. mix. Cool yeah?
Starting Five

DIOS MALOS are playing Friday at 1:50-2:30 on the Austin Ventures stage.

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