Wednesday, July 20, 2005

ACL Fest #3

Aqualung, nee Matt Hales, to quote his ACL bio, "may share his nom de music with Jethro Tull’s classic 1971 prog-rock concept LP, but there’s not a flute or a codpiece within earshot of Aqualung’s U.S. debut, Strange and Beautiful."

I'm real glad that Hales left out the prog and codpieces because he er...well to be honest I probably wouldn't be posting about him. No offense to the prog but codpieces are just out of the question. I doubt he would've gotten his song "Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You)" put on a VOlkswagen commercial if it was prog.
Volkswagen commercial featuring Aqualung Quicktime

Anyway, Hales has gotten quite a bit of acclaim of his debut Strange and Beautiful. The music is quirky and yet strikingly wonderful. For the most part the music is just him and a piano in the style of many that have come before him but he sets out to make himself different. Anyway... he also had his music featured in the cheesefest that was Ashton Kutcher's last movie A Lot Like Love and his video for "Brighter Than Sunshine" features clips from it.
"Brighter Than Sunshine" Windows / RealPlayer Dial-Up / RealPlayer Broadband
Aqualung-Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You)

AQUALUNG is playing Friday at 5:15-6:00 on the Austin Ventures Stage.

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Kristi Joy said...

I love the "Strange and Beautiful" track. I found it on Limewire by accident a long time ago when I was searching for covers of CCR's "I Put A Spell On You", and fell in love with it. I can only listen to one Aqualung song per day though, he puts me to sleep =)