Monday, July 18, 2005

ACL Fest #1

So unlike many other bloggers, I did not behold the wonders of Intonation Fest and will not be flying to Illinois to partake of that which is Lollapalooza. But I am looking forward to September where I will be taking part of Austin City Limits Festival. And this is where the blog comes in handy. If any of you are doubting going to ACL Fest or are not yet fully convinced that you should go and see the bands I am excited about, these installments will be handy.
We'll be starting at the beginning of this festival at the bottom of the lists, those smaller bands playing smaller stages.

"If there's any artist who can make a festival set feel like an intimate confessional, Mason is the guy."

Many people won't like Willy Mason. Be it his dorky appearance, his affiliation with Conor Oberst's record label Team Love, or maybe his album artwork. But you cannot be angry with the boy because of his music.

From looking at his face, you wouldn't expect this boy to be a deep singer. I was expecting something along the lines of Jeff Hanson, but got something much deeper. His songs are all country-tinged, which could liekly explain his being at Austin City Limits Festival, which does have a lot of country.

Gotta Keep Moving
Where the Humans Eat
Sold My Soul

WILLY MASON is playing Sunday from 2:50-3:30 on the Austin Ventures Stage.

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Chris said...

i'm really liking this. why did they put him up against doves and rilo kiley? i think there's going to have to be numerous coinflips to decide all of these scheduling conflicts. or maybe i'll just run around zilker park trying to catch bits of each set.