Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More Xiu

I know I know, you're sick of Devendra Banhart and me talking about Xiu Xiu (what are they, the new Sufjan?) but I'm really exicted about the split 7" that they're planning on releasing on what other godly label than 5rc. In case you don't read Pitchfork, Devendra will be covering Xiu Xiu's "Support Our Troops, OH!" from Fabulous Muscles and Xiu Xiu will be covering Devendra's "Body Breaks."
Xiu Xiu-Support Our Troops, OH! (Black Angels OH!)
Devendra Banhart-Body Breaks

Now...just imagine one of them singing the other. And then go pre-order it from Insound.

Speaking of Devendra, in case you're tired of searching around for his new leaked album, Cripple Crow, or are maybe just playing it safe, I've culled all the mp3's from it that I've found on other blogs.

Little Boys
Now That I Know
Heard Somebody Say
When They Come

Alright well, I thought I'd found more. Apparently not.
Sample more here.

John G. Roberts is the bother of Julia Roberts?? (Via Trent)

The Arcade Fire buy a church to turn into a studio. Getting tips from Ani DiFranco's book, huh?

I feel like I only post about so many people. Help me out here. You guys got any ideas? Any new artists I don't know about? Let me know.


Dan said...

Loving the new look!

Anonymous said...

gee thanks!