Monday, July 11, 2005

KRS Madness

Slim Moon is in crazy mode right now. His beloved label Kill Rock Stars is releasing three albums (Xiu Xiu's La Foret, Gravy Train!!!!'s Are You Wigglin? and Metalux's Victims of Space) and two DVDs (KRS Video Fanzine 3 and Sadie Shaw and Sarah Reed's movie Charm tomorrow! Bless his heart. Here's some samplers from the CDs.

Xiu Xiu-Bog People (On the CD there is a video for Bog People which is, in true Xiu Xiu fashion, highly bizarre and unsuitable for the squeamish.)
Gravy Train!!!!-Darque Tan (Sadie Shaw directed a video for this which should be online soon)
Metalux-Caligraphy Zone

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