Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dirrty Projectors

The other day I bought the Dirty Projectors album Slaves Graves & Ballads and have been listening to it a lot (that and the new Gravy Train!!!! album...weird) but anyway it's such a good record. I wish I had more of their/his stuff. He's on a new favorite record label of mine, States Rights Records (they also are home to Thanksgiving, Bobby Birdman, Y.A.C.H.T. and Little Wings; and their website has bunches of free mp3s on it) even though Slaves Graves was released on Happy Happy Birthday to Me Records. They have also recently released two albums on Western Vinyl, The Getty Address and The Glad Fact.

Anyway, I hope you might like them also.

Twenty-Foot Stalks (exit 14)
Naked We Made It
Like Once Heated Milk
(Throw on the) Hazard Lights
Ladies You Have Exiled Me
My Offwhite Flag
Grandfather's Jacket
Finches' Song At Oceanic Parking Lot

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