Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Pull the Lever!!

Okay so I hope you all watched the Decemberists on Conan O'Brien last night. They were in top form! And in case you didn't miss it, here's the performance:

The Decemberists-"We Both Go Down Together" (live on Conan) .wmv

Ah what great kids. I was a bit surprised to see Jenny Conlee playing a full-size piano instead of her little Rhodes. Gotta pull out th' class for Conan I suppose. Speaking of Jenny, she likes Chewbacca.

A nice interview with Sufjan with the Onion AV Club.

Okay now, Astralwerks sent me some videos from some of their artists. I don't really know some of the bands so I just picked the ones I've heard of/can agree with putting on my blog.

The Chemical Brothers-"The Boxer"
Hi Win Hi Win Hi ram Hi ram

The Golden Republic-"You Almost Had It"
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

Band of Bees-"Chicken Payback"
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

Kraftwerk- "The Robots (Live)"
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

The Concretes-"Say Something New" (mp3)
Hi Win Lo Win Hi ram Lo ram

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