Sunday, July 24, 2005

More Xiu

If you've gone out and bought Xiu Xiu's new album La Foret, I hope you've popped it into your computer so you can see the "Bog People" video that's on the CD. It's quite bizarre. Amazingly, two other videos are going to be released for songs on the album, one for "Pox" and one for "Muppet Face." Apparently Xiu Xiu comissioned several people to make videos for songs some of which will be featured on Xiu Xiu's official site in the upcoming weeks, I believe.

If you head on over to No Performance, you can see the Computer Animated video for "Muppet Face." (Must have Quicktime 7)

Concrete information as to the release of the "Pox" video is unknown, but you can saunter over here to get a behind the screens look, including several screencaps.

You're sick of Xiu Xiu by now, huh?

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