Friday, July 01, 2005

Illinois Delay

The Asthmatic Kitty website is saying:

"Delay on Sufjan's Illinois
Unfortunately we've had to stop selling Illinois due to an legal issue concerning the artwork. We'll post info here on the site when we're reasonably certain about the situation."

Between Thought and Expression says that DC Comics issued a cease and desist over the use of Superman. What punks. Why did I have to pracrastinate in ordering the album?

Thic picture above was taken from Sufjan's promoter Fanatic Promotion and it is sans Superman.

In any case it seems that Illinois may not be hitting shelves this Tuesday as previously expected. AK has also taken the CD down from their website's shop.

Here's some live Sufjan:
Sufjan live at the Black Cat-"Chicago" (.WMV)

Listen to Sufjan on WNYC's Spinning On Air

EDIT: Asthmatic Kitty has asked that if you own a website that you remove the cover art with Superman and replace it with the one without because DC is causing a fit over it so they are trying to get rid of it. Also, it seems AK has been served an order by DC Comics stating that they remove Superman from the cover blah help out the little label if you could.

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