Monday, June 27, 2005


Okay here's the post I've been meaning to put up for what seems like weeks.

I posted a few Tarkio tracks awhile ago, from their only album I Guess I Was Hoping for Something More. If you don't know already, Tarkio was the alt-country band of Decemberists writer/singer/guitarist Colin Meloy. Tarkio was his band while he was attending college in Missoula, Montana.

This fall, Kill Rock Stars will be re-relasing a Tarkio album, most likely I Guess I Was Hoping for Something More, although Tarkio did make an EP, Sea Songs for Landlocked Sailors that may be packaged with the album. There might also be some unreleased songs.

Now, this is an out-of-print CD of Tarkio performing a set on KGBA, a Montana radio station. I don't think that KRS will be re-releasing this so I don't feel so bad posting it. If they do re-release it...well...I trust that you'll all buy it. Twice.

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I don't have any track names for it. These files are in .rar format. (You can download WinRAR here)
Tarkio live on KGBA Part 1 Part 2

Mark your calendars for the Decemberists' first performance on Conan O'Brien on July 12th. Here's some miscellaneous Decemberists-related mp3s.
Colin Meloy-Nothing to Hold On To (Live at Le Lazy Lady Lounge)
Reclinerland ft. Colin Meloy-The Lady from Reims
The Decemberists-Human Behavior (Bjork cover)
The Decemberists-The Bandit Queen (Live on KUT)
(Sorry none of these links worked before, I didn't check them after I saved this post as a draft a week ago)

Completely unrelated: If anyone can find an mp3 of Maya Rudolph's song at the beginning of the Gays in Space skits on SNL, please tell me.

And don't forget to watch Sleater-Kinney on Letterman tonight!!!


tik said...

Hey there, those Decemberists links all direct to (Just so you know.)

Anonymous said...

thanks for telling me!

tik said...

Sweet! thanks!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, Can't seem to link to the KBGA album anymore for the! I have been searching for this for a while!