Monday, June 27, 2005

A Monday

I thought this was great. Matt from You Ain't No Picasso put up this ad for HP with the Decemberists' song "16 Military Wives". For awhile on the Decemberists message board there was a lot of commotion over this ad and what it would do to the band. Thing is, I don't think many people saw it and the Decemberists haven't blown up crazy huge like everyone was hoping/fearing. It's not surprising that the ad features the part of the song that has none of the overtly political lyrics, merely the "la dee da"s and Chris Funk's "whoo!"

HP Commercial ft. The Decemberists' "16 Military Wives" (Quicktime)
Here's their music video for the song:
16 Military Wives video

Here's some Joanna Newsom songs that she's been playing around live. I'm not her biggest fan but some of you may appreciate this.

Sawdust and Diamonds
Only Skin

And here's some music by the artists on Sufjan Steven's label Asthmatic Kitty.
Half-Handed Cloud-Animals are Cut in Two (awful song title)
Castanets-Three Days Four Nights (they'll be touring with Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice)
Liz Janes-Wonderkiller (will be on tour with Sufjan this summer)


Chris said...

thanks for the joanna newsom tracks. 'cosmia' is nice.

Walter said...

bunky also played with sufjan this tour