Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Stephen Malkmus

It seems no one paid much attention to former Pavement member Stephen Malkmus's latest release, Face the Truth. There was hoopla before its release concerning an ad that Matador had placed in a magazine (I think Paste?) and they wouldn't have it in their pages. But it has made its way into less prude magazines.

Anyway, when I got the album, it grew on me pretty fast, which is something his album with the Jicks, the oddly named Pig Lib, didn't do for me. Face the Truth is a lot more electronics than Malkmus usually uses. Anyway, I dont have much more to say but here's a couple mp3s from the album.

Pencil Rot
Freeze the Saints

Pitchfork just recently had a live review of him.

By the way, if there's some records or seven inches you've been meaning to buy from Kill Rock Stars, I recommend that you do it now because they have a great summer sale going on now.

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