Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ignore Dallas Please

Not a whole lot goin' on out there in the public domain.

Today appears to be skip-over-Dallas day.
Pitchfork reports that Le Tigre is ignoring Dallas on their upcoming U.S. tour but will be hitting Austin and Houston July 28th & 29th (respectively)

Sufjan Stevens has expanded his Illinoise tour without touching Texas at all (but will be hitting Illinois)

Dance Disaster Movement is one brave band that will battle the freeways and ten-gallon hats of Dallas to play at Hailey's on August 6 with Kill Me Tomorrow. I really don't know much about them, buuut they're on DimMak. Gotta be good, right? Okay here's some mp3's.
DDM-I Want Your Sass
DDM-The Shots

Another band that does have the guts to come to the Dallas area are the gross-out popsters Gravy Train!!!! (their exclamation points, not mine) who will be busting out some beats from their upcoming release on Kill Rock Stars on July 12th. They're playing at Rubber Gloves with VIP August 7.

Gravy Train!!!-Hella Nervous
Gravy Train!!!-Sippin' 40z
Stream some new material on their MySpace account
Gravy Train!!!-Burger Baby Quicktime video
VIP-Mad Coke (clip)


Chris said...

pretty pissed about le tigre and sufjan ignoring dallas...i have a feeling he'll add at least one texas date though (probably austin).

Anonymous said...

yeah lucy Austin always getting the shows. I don't think Sufjan's ever played Dallas before. Not quite sure where he'd play.

Brian said...

I love Dance Disaster Movement...

I still need to listen to some stuff off the new album.