Monday, June 20, 2005

Monday Monday Monday

The December Bride promises a serialized novel based solely on songs by the Decemberists. Interesting concept, although I think it would be an added plus if they added an mp3 for the song that is being used for that chapter. Dunno.

Said the Gramophone has a good day today with new songs from the New Pornographers and one of my favorites Wolf Parade.

Sometimes Pitchfork has good news.

I won't be going to see Architecture in Helsinki tomorrow in Denton but a friend is, so maybe I'll try and make her write up a review for you.
AIH-Do the Whirlwind

I never tire of Tegan and Sara. Maybe you do, maybe you don't.
T&S-Monday Monday Monday
Arcade Fire-Vampire/Forest Fire from their deput EP
Arcade Fire-Cars and Telephones off of I don't know what
Spoon-Take the Fifth
Bloc Party-Pioneers QuickTime (weird/creepy/cheesy)

Some good newish blogs: Mike Jonze & Plague of Angels