Tuesday, June 07, 2005


5 Rue Christine is Kill Rock Stars' kid sister. They both tend to release similarly-minded, experimental music from the West coast. 5RC tends to release more...out-there recordings by some weird bands like Nintendo-rockers The Advantage, Men's Recovery Project, The Punks, Robot Ate Me, and Xiu Xiu whereas KRS is a little more grounded with their bands such as Sleater-Kinney, Elliott Smith, and The Decemberists.

Today sees the release of three albums from 5RC bands the Mae Shi, Need New Body and The Planet The. They are going to have a busy year, what with new releases from Xiu Xiu, Barr, Deerhoof and Wooden Wand & the Vanishing Voice. They are an up-and-coming that ought to be noticed.

Here's some mp3's from today's releases:

The Mae Shi-Born for a Short Time from their new release Heartbeeps

Need New Body-Eskimo from their album Where's Black Ben?

The Planet The-You Absorb My Vision from their album of the same name

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