Friday, June 10, 2005

She Really Just Wants Bloc Party

Bloc Party last night was great. Got there early so there weren't too many people but it filled up quick and there were gazillions there.

Kiss Me Deadly (one of the opening bands) must've pulled out, which is okay because the name sucks so they probably do too. My description for She Wants Revenge si something like "they sound like if Interpol moving to L.A. and spending a lot more time brooding in shady dance clubs." They demanded movement from the crowd and Dallas was not quite ready to give it to them. That's one thing about Dallas: no one will move at shows much. There are a few frat boys and their drunk girlfriends moving, but other than that, quite few. Very disappointing.

Bloc Party was great. I was afraid after their performance at SXSW at the Spin Party that they weren't a live band, and they didn't do much or put on much of a show. Well as most cases are, they were a lot better in a club setting. They were polite and asked questions like "Are the days here always like this? I mean, always so hot?" Yes they are unfortunately. Well they proceeded to tear through a great set and put on a fantastic show.

I wasn't able to take many pictures due to the fact that Gypsy Tea Rom security was either standing behind me or circling my general area much of the night. Though, when Bloc Party came on the No-Flash-Photography rule kinda went out the window.

I don't ever take many pictures at shows because usually bands just do the same thing, unless they're some novelty band that does wacky things that require more photos. Bloc Party ain't one of those bands. Plus, I'm not the greatest photographer as you can probably tell.

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Chris said...

nice job. the show was great. your pictures beat the hell out of my pictures.