Sunday, June 12, 2005

DOH Lite

Bonnaroo kills... again.

Chris Walla plays guitar in Death Cab for Cutie and has recorded some Mi-T Fine Decemberists material. he is also a vegetarian and spokesperson for PETA(2).
Fellow PETA spokespersons Le Tigre have a new single coming out and Wynne Greenwood of Tracy + the Plastics directed the video for "After Dark" Sneak peek the vid at their website.

Hey hey it's Sunday (for a little while longer)...let's take it light.

NIN-The Hand That Feeds (DFA Remix) I haven't heard the original but I bet it's worse than this remix which is actually quite good.
Interpol-Leif Erikson (Live in Paris)
Andrew Bird-The Happy Birthday Song
Crystal Skulls-Airport Motels
Xiu Xiu-Asleep (Smiths cover) (this is cheating since I already linked to this the other day. Gimme a break I'm tiiired.)
Buck 65-The Centaur (long pun intended)

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