Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Cross Bones Style

Pitchfork tells us Cat Power is finally starting on her new album, this time in Memphis with...some of Al Green's band? Is this a new turn for Chan? It'll be interesting to hear her with a whole backing band and not just herself. Hm.
They also mention something about her bad shows, and I just can't help but thank the supernatural beings that she was in a good mood when she played in Dallas last year before ACL. I mean, she was joking, laughing, playing all her hits...no crying or magazines to read in sight! I wish more people would've had an experience like I did. And at ACL she was still pretty good, but not as good as an intimate show at the Dallas Museum of Art.

Cat Power Live at KVRX
Keep On Runnin'
She Loves You So Hard
Naked If I Want To
Sea of Love

Michael Jackson says "no more" to children sharing his bed. I would hope so, after all he's been through this year!! If he went back to Neverland to cuddle and booze up another adolescent, he is dumber than anyone had ever imagined.

About the coolest thing I've read in awhile.

Stream the Sons and Daughters' new album The Repulsion Box.

The gov't hates Big Bird.

Geldof is stupid for thinking people wouldn't sell his tickets on Ebay.

What is Jack White afraid of being uncovered? We all know he's divorced anyway. Are there more secrets to be known? Well...we won't know through biographies if he gets his way.

Yahoo! Movies reviews a movie I want to see, Me and You and Everyone We Know directed by Miranda July, who is one of the creators of a favorite site of mine Learning to Love You More. And she makes music too!

Miranda July-The Arky Girl

And here's some nice "documents" for your pods (all c/o i.am.large:
Abraham Lincoln-2nd Inagural Address and Gettysburg Address
William Blake-Songs of Innocence
William Blake-Songs of Experience
U.S. Constitution
Shakespeare monologues

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