Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wolfgang Remixed

You might remember my post on the robot pop singer Wolfgang, and now he's back, in an altered state. His first single "Not in Love (Not True)" has been remixed by Chris Rubix of the Atomics. The song keeps the vocals in tact but grooves up the backing track, fitting in perfectly in any Friday night dance playlist.

Wolfgang-Not in Love (Not True) [Atomics French Discoteque Remix]
Here's the original in case you missed it.
Wolfgang-Not in Love (Not True)

There will be a 12" of all remixes of the song (Rubix is working on another version, and Brooklyn's Ladycréme will also be contributing a mix), but for now, buy the 7" or EP for "Not in Love (Not True)" from Hypnote Recording Concern. You can also buy the EP from Insound.


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