Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Where She Goes She Stops

Horse Feathers' debut album Words Are Dead is about to be released September 26th. Out of all the bands being pushed on you why should you choose them? Simply, you'll fall for them. Singer Justin Ringle kind of sounds like the lovechild of Sam Beam and Will Oldham, with a terrific volume that fills a room easily, coming down again to sound smaller than anything. Rustic guitar picking matched a dirgeful cello and violin, and occasionally a gentle banjo back Ringle's voice, creating songs that won't stop haunting you.

Walking & Running

Words Are Dead is released September 26th on Lucky Madison (home of Talkdemonic and Point Juncture, WA).


Anonymous said...

it is true. they are lovely.

lostcabbie said...

Dustbowl is... wow. Just wow.