Tuesday, September 19, 2006


So...Joanna Newsom and Smog played last night. I'm not gonna say a whole lot because you can find reviews everywhere, but if you want a healthy, chunky and tasty review, check out Urban Pollution. Joanna was cute and played a few new songs like "Emily" and "Sawdust and Diamonds."
I feel sorry for everyone who left after Joanna finished. The Parish was packed to capacity for her set, and dwindled to under 50. Joanna continued to play with Smog on piano (as you can see above) and Smog played a great set with new and old stuff.

ALSO yesterday we were blessed to see Cat Power do a taping for Austin City Limits. She was fantastic! She played about 20 songs and while most of them were the same ones and in the same order she played them in on Friday and Sunday, she was the true star. She was funny and talked to the audience inbetween songs, and continued dancing like she had been doing. She had a mini meltdown while trying to perform "The House of the Rising Sun" but she got over it and finally played the song through beautifully. It was interesting to see how TV was made too.

And tonight we're seeing The Blow at Emo's! What an amazing weekend. Then it'll be time to go home, back to real life.
Architecture in Helsinki-Nevereverdid (YACHT Remix)
Architecture in Helsinki-Do the Whirlwind (YACHT Remix)


johngross said...

got some good video up from the show (rock bottom riser) over at www.partyends.com
its at the end of the post......

check it yo.

luther said...

Yeah, people should have stayed around after Mrs. Newsom because Smog is the bomb.

Anonymous said...

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