Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Releases

TV on the Radio's sophomore album exceeds expectations, unleashing a beast many hadn't expected. Return to Cookie Mountain is a collection of chugging tunes, some with marching band beats, shout-out choruses, and overall kind of a shoegazing type of wonderful.

The Black Keys' Magic Potion continues on in the vein of past albums like Rubber Factory and Thickfreakness. If you've seen the band loud, you know what kind of power they harness, even if a little of it is lost in production, it's still there. You can hear it in the tunes, a blues ghost that won't go away.
Your Touch

I haven't heard but the two songs Matador put up from Yo La Tengo's new album I am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass. I'm relatively new when it comes to the band and am not well versed in their past work, but have liked what I've heard, and I like both these tracks and want to hear more.
Beanbag Chair
Bury the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind

Time is upon us for The Rapture. Their new album Pieces of the People We Love has a lot of expectations to follow after their now classic Echoes. In case you've been sleeping all summer, here's the first single off the album, and I think the best song. Also check out "The Devil." Catch them on tour if you can with the Presets.

The Rapture-Get Myself Into It

I've said more than enough about Xiu Xiu's The Air Force. Just do the right thing.
Boy Soprano
Hello From Eau Claire Video #1
Hello From Eau Clair Video #2

You can buy all of these new releases at Insound.


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