Monday, September 18, 2006

It's All Happening in Austin

Just found out through that Joanna Newsom will be opening for Smog tonight in Austin at the Parish. This is super exciting news, because I missed Smog playing in Dallas and uhhh Joanna Newsom? Thanks. She's rented a harp apparently and will play her own set and then join Smog on stage. Doors will be about 9 PM I think so get there fast!

Yesterday was the last day of ACL and it was pretty sweet. We started out with The Stills, got some Black Angels, hung around for the super cute Scandanavian Husky Rescue, Jose Gonzalez and finally the New Pornographers, who were amazing. We were so happy that Neko Case was there, because it pretty much made the set. They tore through a lot of Twin Cinema with a lot of the older stuff too.

Then we headed on over to Stubb's to take in Cat Power and the Memphis Rhythm Band's awesomeness. Much the same set as Saturday, but the impromptu "Crazy" became a full fledged cover. Sorry I don't have a recording for you, replete with expletives. Chan was amazing, dancing all over, talking back and forth with the audience and such. Lightning was impending and they were wanting her to get off the stage so lightning didn't hit the audience or her. She kept on playing though, covering "The House of the Rising Sun" and talking some more. She wants to do an ad campaign for O'Doul's apparently.

Anyway have a good monday!


Anonymous said...

I have video of the impromptu "Crazy" at ACL which I'll get on here ASAP!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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