Friday, September 08, 2006


I'd been waiting a while to talk about may favorite band (I said it) the Decemberists' new song "Summersong" that was premiered on Pitchfork. I didn't wanna listen to it before I got the whole album but my curiosity got the better of me. And I figure that now summer's almost over I can talk about it.
"Summersong" sounds exactly like something off of their original EP Five Songs. It sounds like a mix between "Oceanside" and "Shiny" and "Angel Won't You Call" more than anything off of Her Majesty or Castaways & Cutouts and especially Picaresque. I guess it sounds sort've Castaways than the other two. So older sounding. This excites me to no end. The song is the mourning of the end of summer, and while I'm more than happy to see fall arriving it's still a very nice sentiment.

If you've been holding out too, maybe now you'll stop waiting and enjoy it!
The Decemberists-Summersong

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