Monday, September 11, 2006

But I've Got No Talent

It's a long week ahead of us so why don't we start it off energetically eh?

Good Shoes-All in My Head
Good Shoes are another British band vying for your attention. Frantic vocals over skittery guitars yadda yadda yadda you've heard it. Good Shoes take that and amplify it in every possible way, as shown in their new single "All in My Head." Don't believe me? Check out the song or even better, the video. Here's what the director Saam Farahmandtold NME what the video's about:
"It's inspired by a girl called Natasha Dixon from school. She said she would never go out with me because I was a scruffy indie boy and had no skills. In this video I wanted to show her that indie boys do have skills so if you're reading this Natasha, I want you to know I have skills. Well actually, the band have, but I filmed it."

They haven't released anything stateside, but if you wanna pay in pounds, check out HMV.


Crash Calloway said...

Good Shoes are brilliant. I think' Small Town Girl' is my favourite song of the last year or so, which is saying something the number of new things I've stumbled across.

Anonymous said...

Ah I haven't heard that. Should look into it I guess.

michael said...

another Michael says- great video - shame the song isnt all that strong. reminds me of XTC a bit.

Anonymous said...

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