Saturday, June 03, 2006

Not in Love (Not True)

Hi it's Saturday and you just love to dance. I know, me too. That's why I'm glad I found this robot. No it's not those robots from Beck's "Hell Yes" video, it's a robot that makes fun dance music with something those other robots don't have, emotion.

Wolfgang-Not in Love (Not True)

The story of Wolfgang the Robot is tragic and inspiring. You can read the entire history here, but the gist of it is, robot built by millionaire to create pop music, robot falls in love with man, creates perfect pop song. "Not in Love (Not True)" has those synth chords you miss from the 80's songs you hear on your local Mix station set to pulsing drums and then it comes: vocoder. You love it, you feel like crying, dancing, and building your own robot to love Wolfgang.

Wolfgang's first EP comes out soon, and a full-length is sure to follow. The album is about Wolfgang's emotional struggles with coming to terms that a robot can never be with a human, but the EP is pure dance fun. Both will be out on the fledgling label Hypnote Recordings run by David Rothblatt, who you'll hopefully be hearing more about when the record company takes off.


emma said...

Intellectually, I know that this song is boundlessly silly, but I just can't help myself: poor, poor Wolfgang :( Incidentally, brilliant song.

Anonymous said...

Great song.

Brian said...

Oh yes. I like this song. Wish there was a version with better bit rate available.