Saturday, September 16, 2006


Sorry I'm the worst live blogger ever. You wouldn't want to hear me tell you how hot it is anyway. The festival has been kinda...not so awesome this year. After shows? Oh yeah. Saw Sufjan and Shara again last night. It was nice sitting down even though I almost fell asleep after a long day of festing. Anyway I'll try and make a better post later...

EDIT: Here's what I liked about days one and two.

DAY 1:
Wolf Parade-never seen em before but they brought the energy. And so did the girl screaming all the lyrics ferociously and throwing her arm up in the air. Rep it grrrl.

Chan Marshall-So intensely cute. She was late to the show because she'd been watching Gnarls Barkley, I'd been waiting since Wolf Parade to see her. She crawled onto the stage so no one could see her and proceeded to dance the set away. She was posing for the photographers and bloggers holding up digital cameras like no other, smacking her booty and sticking her tongue out. And when they were all gone she and her band did an impromptu cover of "Crazy" including the re-worked chorus of "You're f***ing crazy....I'm f***ing crazy." Can't wait to see her tomorrow night at Stubb's and then hopefully at her taping of Austin City Limits (the TV show)

DAY 2:
The SBC "Oasis" Tent-Falling asleep has never felt so relieving

Watching Ben Kweller on TV in Said Tent-The native Texan got a nose bleed before he came on stage which he described as "like a placenta." He proceeded to play, bleeding on the stage, towels, and eventually guitar and piano. The poor duded had to ask for a tampon (which was given) and then cut his short set by thirty minutes because he couldn't make it. Get well soon dude.


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