Thursday, June 01, 2006

Rivers Running Up the Hills

Uhh sorry I have become the Least Updated Blog On Your Blogroll guys. Work sucks a lot of my life and energy. Yes washing dishes all day can do that to you. I keep complaining about it but it's truuue. I will try and post a lot of stuff I've been meaning to write on this weekend okay? Thanks.

Sorry I don't have a Thom Yorke mp3 for you, but you can download like, most all of the album from The Hype Machine. That's ridiculous. Us bloggers like posting songs other bloggers haven't posted, but it can be crazy. Like when the new Fiery Furnaces CD came out, most of the album was up for download. Not so cool. I've been trying to be posting stuff the bands want us to post and not everything else but I might slip every now and then..oh here's one of those times.

I've been addicted to Laura Veirs lately okay? She's adorable. how could you not be hooked? Then there's this track from The Sound the Hare Heard...swoonage follows soon after.
And then Thao Nguyen pops up after a Sufjan quickie! Amazing! I really love this compilation. Ace stuff. A lot better than the Sur la mer sampler from sister-label 5RC I hear...bummer.
Thao Nguyen-Feet Asleep
Check out the ridiculously awesome The Sound the Hare Heard tour coming to your town! It features a revolving door of artists featured on the compilation, many artists such as Thao Nguyen, Southerly, Lovers and Lauren Hoffman carry through most of the tour.

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