Friday, June 30, 2006

The Ripper

I don't know how this guy gets away with 1) being named Girl Talk (cc has a problem when people name their band/project with a female word like lady or girl or whatever and there are no girls in the band) and 2) sampling so many frikken artists. Girl Talk is a god to mash-up lovers everywhere, and the party hitmaker to everyone else. Many will call Girl Talk cheesy and a little messed-up, but I call it fun.
Night Ripper, Girl Talk (Greg Gillis)'s third album, throws everything in and makes it work. Mimi's beats and 50 sit comfortably next to each other while Ludacris and Phantom Planet get acquainted, all through the mediator Girl Talk. Never sounding ridiculous or forced, Night Ripper competently melds so many genres and artists it should be illegal. Coincidentally, the album is released by Illegal Art.

Sneak peeks:
Hold Up
Bounce That

Buy Night Ripper for $10. The CD version comes with a high quality download of the album, and you can purchase a download of the album for only $6 by e-mailing info @


Anonymous said...

gregg has two gs.

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